Little Chestnuts Preschool

COVID-19 UPDATE: When we closed our program in March we had high hopes that we would be back open in April and if not then, in September. This pandemic has become so much more than we had ever anticipated. Sadly, we will not be opening in September for the 20/21 school year like we had hoped. For right now we plan to remain closed until things go back to a more safe and normal state. We plan to reopen in September of 2021 but will consider reopening earlier if things settle down before then.


The young child learns best through doing. They need to feel, dig, explore, move and be fully engaged with their physical bodies. Movement, exploration and having the freedom to creatively play lays the foundation for academic success later on. In our classroom the children are given opportunities to connect with their bodies through free play, balancing, yoga, stretching, and specific movements in our daily circle work. They participate and imitate carefully planned activities and processes like bread baking, setting the table, sewing, finger games and puppetry. The young child is given many opportunities and the space to be creative and imaginative, to find form, to wonder, to express themselves socially and emotionally, to appreciate one another and nature. This is all held together by a strong daily rhythm where the child can be fully engaged in their work and play creating a solid foundation to grow into adolescents.

Little Chestnuts Private Preschool - a student holding a "bumble bee" made from a pinecone and daisies.