Felted Gingerbread Man


Wet Felting Kit

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This at home wet felting kit is a great activity for young children or anyone looking for a simple holiday craft. It can be added to your tree as an ornament or gifted to someone special. It is perfect for felting beginners as it requires no prior experience to complete the project.

The cookie cutter is used as a template to hold your wool as you poke the wool with your fingers ending up with a felted gingerbread man. When you are finished you will not only have 4 felted gingerbread men but the perfect cookie cutter for baking!

This kit provides everything you need to make your own felted gingerbread man ornament, including:

  • 4 pieces of wool
  • 4 feet of bakers twine
  • 1 cookie cutter 
  • 1 needle

Age: 3+ with Adult Supervision

Additional information


Wool – 100% pure corriedale wool from pasture fed sheep in New Zealand

Bakers Twine – Made of natural cotton and chemical free


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