Having worked together at the same school for several years, Chandra and Amanda always dreamed of owning and running their own Early Childhood Education program. After a few twists and turns their dreams have come to fruition and they are happy to provide to the community Little Chestnuts Private Preschool!

Mrs. Chandra – Owner, Lead Teacher and Enrollment Coordinator

Chandra Photo

I grew up in Gig Harbor playing in the dirt, building forts, bike riding, and discovering the hidden secrets of nature. I always had an exuberant imagination and having the freedom to play shaped the love I have for nature and encouraged the artistic expression I have today. I am passionate about puppetry and therapeutic storytelling, which I bring to the children I teach in my class. I am inspired to enlighten children through warmth and compassion, guiding them towards confidence, exploration and respect for themselves, others and their surroundings. Waldorf education teaches the whole child, allowing the essence of one’s highest self to unfold naturally. It brings me joy to support and witness this gift with each child. I was introduced to Waldorf Education twelve years ago and it has led me on a wonderful journey of self discovery and enlightenment.

I received my Waldorf Teaching certificate at Sound Circle Center of the Arts and Anthroposophy in Seattle. I also received my certificate of foundations: Children’s yoga through YOGA ed. I began my teaching career at Fremont Community School, Tara’s Tots and Chickadee nursery in Seattle; all Waldorf inspired Schools. I was the lead Teacher at Zestful Gardens Farm Camp for six years and taught preschool for six years at a local private school. It has been my dream to open my own early childhood program and bring this education to our community.

My husband, son, family and friends, mindfulness, yoga, nature, and artistic expression balance my life when I’m not with the children.

Ms. Amanda – Owner and Director

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Like Mrs. Chandra I grew up in Gig Harbor riding bikes, rollerblading and playing in my backyard with neighborhood friends. Having the freedom to explore the nearby woods and play as a child gave me the sense of adventure and wonder that I have today. I love traveling and exploring new places both near and far. I enjoy submerging myself into the culture of somewhere new and seeing how others around the world live their daily life. While I love to travel far I also very much appreciate being surrounded by the incredible nature and beauty that Washington has to offer. There is always a hike or walk or something to do, rain or shine.

I received a Bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and Sociology from Central Washington University in Ellensburg. Before opening Little Chestnuts I worked at a local private school as the Child Care Center Director/Lead Teacher and most recently the Interim Administrative Director for the same school. Working with children and seeing them grow through the year and helping them reach different milestones is something I love. To watch them learn and explore in the classroom and in nature is always an adventure.


Mrs. Chandra and Ms. Amanda have known each other for over 30 years! They became neighbors when Amanda’s family moved from Arizona to Washington in 1989 and both families became very close. They still celebrate holidays, birthdays and spend time together today.

Little Chestnuts Private Preschool - Mrs. Chandra, Ms. Amanda and 2 students during Lantern Walk 2018.